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We believe in breeding our best individuals, not all individuals. We breed select bitches who have earned titles, are structurally sound, have passed all health tests recommended by our national breed club (PRA, OFA Hips, OFA Thyroid), and have outstanding traits and features we are looking to continue in the breed.

Generally, we space our litters 18 months apart. We keep a waiting list for puppies. Occasionally we place adult retired show dogs.

How we raise our litters

All of our puppies are raised in our home. Our goal is to raise confident, biddable dogs that can interact with the world and adapt to new situations. In these early crucial weeks we are handling and socializing each puppy to develop their minds and connection with people.

Mom and litter have their own whelping room initially, and then we move puppies into the main part of the house.. 

We make sure our puppies hear all the everyday sounds of a house–pans in the kitchen, vacuum cleaners, television. They get used to different surfaces and textures–sherpa mats, tile, wood, grass, rock. Toys and chew material are rotated frequently so puppies interact with hard, soft, squeaky, and many colored items. We touch every part of every puppy every day and do routine grooming, nails, electric clipper, washing ears, and being on a grooming table. They see our older dogs, children, and go outside where they interact with what nature has to offer, butterflies, apples, flowers, insects, leaves, snow. We use a “potty box” so puppies learn not to soil where they sleep, get them used to crates, and they have several car trips.

This early socialization means that puppies transition easily to new homes, and new owners if they keep building on this work with more socialization and training have a great head start towards a trained dog.

Past Litters

2021   Right Litter, September 2nd, 2021.
Ch Cairncross Graceland x Ch UCh Anamacara Right Back At You

2019 If Litter, October 4th, 2019
Am/Can Ch Quailfield’s Prelude to a Kiss CGC x Ch U-Ch Anamacara If I Ruled the World
2018 At Litter, April 23rd, 2018
Ch Shadowmere’s Storm Chaser x Ch U-Ch URO2 Anamacara Love At First Sight BN CD RE PCD CGC
2017 To Litter, May 5, 2017
Am/Can Ch Touchstone’s Out of the Blue ROM x Ch U-Ch URO1 Anamacara Welcome To My World RN CGC
2016 World Litter, February 24, 2016
Ch Lunn’s Running with Scissors x Ch U-Ch URO1 Anamacara Welcome To My World RN CGC
2015 Ready litter, August, 2015
Ch Redking’s History Repeats x Anamacara Ready or Not
2014 Be Litter, October 28, 2014
GrCh. Cairncross Concierge With Tullane x GrCh Anamacara To Be Or Not To Be CGC
2014 Love Litter (March 1, 2014)
Ch Erinfyr Trade Rumor JH x GrCh Anamacara Love Me or Leave Me CD RE CGC 
2012 My Litter, February 26, 2012
Ch Redking’s History Repeats x U-Ch Anamacara Me and My Shadow CGC
2011 Or Litter, December 4, 2011
Ch Cairncross Skyline in Sync x GrCh Anamacara Love Me or Leave Me CD RE CGC
2009 I’m Litter, November 10, 2009
Ch Redking Double Dog Dare x Ch U-Ch Anamacara Kiss Me I’m Irish CD RN CGC
2009 Star Litter, September 26, 2009
GrCh Anamacara Tell Me Your Secrets CD RAE3 CGC  x Ch U-Ch.U-CD Anamacara Earth Moon and Stars CD RAE CGC
2007 Me Litter, July 25, 2007
Ch Jewelset’s Second Attraction and out of Ch U-Ch Anamacara Kiss Me I’m Irish CD RN CGC
2005 Earth Litter, April 24, 2005
Ch Tealwood Special Edition and out of Ch U-Ch U-CD Shangrila’s Wall St. Darling CD RA CGC TDI
2003 Kiss Litter, Jan 17, 2003
Ch Camelot’s Walk On the Wild Side x Ch U-Ch Anamacara Kiss Me I’m Irish CD RN CGC