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Our dogs

We have had the pleasure of breeding many lovely Irish Setters over the years, and have enjoyed the success that many owners have had with dogs we have bred. This gallery represents some of our past, present, and future at Anamacara.


Nigel (GCh U-Ch Anamacara Ain’t Love Grand) Frozen semen available to approved bitches.
Dan (Ch Anamacara Love Affair CGC) Frozen semen available to approved bitches.
Henri (Ch U-Ch Anamacara Ready for Prime Time). Frozen semen available to approved bitches.
Oscar (Ch. Anamacara May the Force Be With You). Frozen semen available to approved bitches.
Lee (Ch Anamacara To the Moon and Back)
Stanley (GRCH Anamacara Right Back At You)


Sophie (Ch Anamacara To the End of Time)
Aileen (Ch Anamacara Look To the Future)
Gillian (Ch Anamacara Heart To Heart)
Naeve (Ch U-Ch Anamacara If I Ruled the World)
Bryna (U-Ch Anamacara World of Fashion N’ Flair)
Morgan (Anamacara Right Back At You)

Retired Dams of Anamacara

Callie (Ch U-Ch Anamacara Love At First Sight CGC BN CD RE RA PCD) Mother to our “At” litter.
Caireen (Ch U-Ch URO1 Anamacara Welcome To My World RN CGC) Mother to our World litter and To litter.
Boo (Anamacara Ready Or Not), Mother of our “Ready” pups.
Teagan (GCh U-Ch Anamacara To Be Or Not To Be CGC) Mother to our Be litter. 
Bevin (GCh U-Ch Anamacara Love Me or Leave Me CD RE CGC) Mother to the Or Litter and Love Litter.
Eva (U-Ch Anamacara Me and My Shadow CGC) Mother to our My litter.
Selene (Ch U-Ch.U-CD Anamacara Earth Moon and Stars CD RAE CGC)
Aine (Ch. U-Ch Anamacara Kiss Me I’m Irish CD RN CGC) Mother to the Me Litter and I’m Litter.
Dana (Ch Shangrila’s Wall St. Darling)

More Anamacara dogs

Ducky (Ch U-Ch Anamacara I’m A Lucky Duck JH CD BN RE NA NAJ NAP NJP NF NFP). Ryan (GCh U-Ch UCD Anamacara Tell Me Your Secrets CD RAE3 CGC)
Aydenn (Ch. Anamacara Earth and Beyond CD) Quinn (Ch. U-Ch. Anamacara Kiss Me Quick UD RA JH VC CGC TDI)
Connor (Ch Anamacara All Eyes on Me) Neal (Ch. U-Ch. Anamacara Earth and Sky CGC TDI)
Corky (Ch Anamacara Picture Me) Vivian (Ch. U-Ch Anamacara Take My Breath Away)
Keeley (Ch. U-Ch U-CD Anamacara A Kiss for Luck CD RAE2 CGC) Alanna (U-Ch Anamacara On Top of the World)
Lydia (Anamacara Play To the Crowd) Sunny (Redkings My Sunny Delight)
Q (U-Ch U-CD URO3 Anamacara Good Morning Starshine BN CD RAE3 CGC) Carlin